To work your company communication should look at the whole ecosystem, not just social networks, or the event. Email marketing is an important communication tool, but it does require constant feedback and regular monitoring of your marketing metrics.


Produce the right content for the right people. To achieve this goal, databases should be as detailed as possible, to segment the content, sending concise and specific information to each person or, at worst, to each segment. Create ‘personas’ and produce differentiated content for each of these ‘people’. Does it give more work? It does, but it should work with focus on results and not having less work. However, do not forget that if differentiation and segmentation is important, process integration and automation are critical to avoid errors. There are several tools in the market that can help you think of all types of email automation (from the simplest Mail Chimp to Portuguese Egoi to SMS).


Whenever a person enters our database (because they have requested a newsletter, or joined a discussion group, for example) we should send an email, even if it is to welcome them, so that they feel integrated into the our ecosystem. Then all email marketing actions must follow the conversion funnels rule, where metrics are critical. You need to know who’s staying, otherwise it’s like taking water out of a flat boat. Retention is the first thing you work on. The goal of retention is always as many people as possible, but we have to be realistic. Not everyone opens the newsletters, and some go directly to the spam page. The opening of the email is the least important, what should be in the email is the invitation to new actions and the last is what is the most important and what we must measure and always follow.



Notes from André Novais de Paula’s lecture at Digitagy Talks

André Novais de Paula holds a degree in Marketing and Advertising from IADE with a specialization in Marketing. He has developed his activity within Relational and Digital Marketing with emphasis on integrated Cross-Media campaigns. Currently he is a trainer of the Atelier Digital of Google and responsible for the curricular units of Marketing and Digital Marketing in the courses of post-graduation and Masters in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, IPAM and Polytechnic of Leiria.