Videos are the best tool to build empathy in the media. Combining the power of the videos with the segmentation and reach that Facebook has is the right recipe to grow your business considering that 76% of users view videos in their news feed. 

We leave you here 4 tips:

  1. Keep your video short 

    The type of video content that performs better on Facebook (that is, the videos that had the highest completion rate) are videos under 21 seconds. 

    To ensure that your videos are viewed by as many people as possible in your audience, it’s best to create  highly visual videos with a minimum of narration so that people can watch and understand the      information in the video without much effort. 

  2. Educate your audience 
    One of the best ways to attract people to your brand is to offer “quick wins” that enable them to get quick   fixes to their problems. Providing quick weekly tips via Facebook videos is a great way to do this. 

  3. Keep an eye on your metrics 
    Once you’ve submitted your videos to the public, you need to monitor the effectiveness and reach of the video through Facebook Insights on your page. You can check the performance of your videos in terms of audience involvement. You can also click on the “videos” tab, where you can have a deeper understanding of the metrics related to each video. 
  4. Write a strong call to action 
    Once you share the video on Facebook, it’s important to create a call-to-action so you can take your visitors to the next stage. For example, you are creating videos that will be viewed by your potential customers who have not yet signed up for your mailing list, so you should have “Sign up” as a call-to-action. 

If your goal is to direct people to a landing page to make a purchase or direct them to a page with more content, you may want to haveLearn more” as a call-to-action.