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No one can deny the fact that without traffic, even a well-designed website can end up struggling to get people to visit you. And, if you have all the experience and rely solely on organic methods, ie SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive traffic to your site, it can take months to get enough traffic for your site to succeed. So you have two choices of Google ads or SEO to drive traffic to your site.


How to decide whether to invest in Google Ads or SEO 

To turn a low-traffic website into a high-traffic site and that legally, you need to adopt a variety of proven online strategies such as investing in Google ads or SEO. I suggest you invest in SEO and Paid Traffic to get traffic quickly on your website.

But how do you balance each to make sure you get the best of both techniques?


The difference between paid traffic and SEO

Paid traffic is a “push” marketing method that invests in a specific demographics to create demand through broad advertising for a specific audience segment.

It’s a firm way of creating interest for your website quickly, but it does not make use of “pull marketing” methods like SEO.

SEO can bring the traffic you really need, or tell people who are looking for the products and services you are offering on your site.

It creates even greater exposure to your content online with techniques such as content marketing, keyword targeting, a / b testing, and social media publishing.

Compared to paid traffic from Google Ads, SEO brings traffic that is not paid, and this happens across the web.

So the demographic group can be much larger compared to a paid traffic.

A proper combination between Google’s ad traffic and SEO can push your website to the front of the line, leveraging the power ratings used in each method.

First, call attention to paid traffic campaigns

If you want instant traffic, there is nothing better than paid traffic campaign, unless you have not posted a recent video of a celebrity scandal on your website.

In Google ads, you can specify the demographics that you want to focus on at an exact level.

For example, you may want to target only a few areas of a specific country where product delivery is possible or individuals who fall into a particular income level.

That means you can choose the “perfect customer” profile to target and this will increase the chances that they are also more interested in your products and services.

When buying traffic means using Google Ads to trigger your ads on top of the desired keyword searches, you start the process of advertising the potential of your site, as well as offering the opportunity to convert some of that traffic into sales.

A paid traffic campaign can also provide the data you need in your Google Analytics to do a test / b to find out which bids work best for the audience you targeted.

However, before you try any kind of a / b test, I suggest you should tweak your SEO campaign.


Keywords and the new SEO

Several types of Google updates, such as Panda and Hummingbird, have made it difficult to traffic with a single keyword.

Today, the content that is published has to have a keyword theme so that the entire article gets noticed by the content, not just by the keywords you put in it.

Throughout its useful life, Google has learned the art of semantic research, and this search for meaning in content has affected how keywords are used in articles and how they are perceived and classified by Google crawlers.

Google also wants to see current content in more than one place, a social network, such as a blog and an article directory. It is not enough to only use SEO on your site.

You need to do this in status updates on network sites and articles posted elsewhere.

Instead of a keyword, you can target a group of keywords or also use the keyword theme to convince Google robots that you have knowledge about a certain subject and not just add keywords to try to get traffic without any knowledge.

Once you have an effective SEO keyword strategy, you will need to publish content regularly to your readers in various places on the web.


Test your website to make it successful

Through the A / B test, you can measure the performance of two different versions of a particular article and analyze which one is most effective.

By modifying content such as the headline or the call-to-action, you can easily see which version of your article has worked the most. This way, you can also play with keywords in SEO to see which works best.


Have a Content Delivery Timeline

In August 2018, after all Google updates on its algorithm, new and original content is even more important. So it’s authored, that Google wants to give credit to the author, but only if you mark the content in that way.

When you publish more content with the name of your own brand, your author rank increases in Google’s eyes, and over time automatically places your content on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Make sure you keep a fixed timeline to post your content if you have a blog or forum so your audience will come back more often to read the latest updates at least two or three times a week.

Use legitimate SEO methods and make sure you index the content and make it searchable easily on your site.

You can use wordpress or blogger with built-in search features, or whatever you prefer.

This can help site visitors find and read topics they care about even when the blog post is more than a year old and is not on the first page.


Promote your site actively

Once you have quality content and enough readers to test and market you, you should still try to generate more traffic from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, where you can submit the article or content as a status update , and people follow this content to find more information on your site, that traffic is entirely organic or in terms of digital marketing, you can say that source traffic generated traffic that traffic.

You do not need to duplicate your content for this, but you need to set up keyword-rich snippets with links to it from other areas of the web.

This will bring more traffic from other online areas where your audiences are.

You can promote it according to the guidelines of the other site, as long as its content is relevant to the topic and discussion.

Here, the word of caution is: avoid spamming sites with your messages if they have nothing to do with the current discussion or you may be banned by these sites or they may mark you as a spam that is not good for your health online in terms of google algorithm.

Once you’ve generated enough organic traffic, you can now start investing less in AdWords to reduce the volume of paid traffic, because it’s not better for your company’s financial health to continue spending to generate traffic to your website.

You will continue to enjoy the benefits of good SEO techniques retroactively for a long time.

Plus, keep your content and keywords up to date. You can do this periodically or whenever Google updates your algorithm to crawl the Web and stay in the race.

Because, in this fast-changing online world, you can not go with the spray and pray marketing methods. Do not assume you’ve done your job and you’re all set, you need to keep your content up to date to reap the benefits of traffic, otherwise you’ll soon be out of the league.


Thanks for reading.