Developing a strategy in social networks is the priority of many brands, but are you correctly evaluating the results of your efforts? Understand what metrics are really important for your strategy.

Everything in marketing can be measured and accompanied, in details or “at a distance”, which opens many possibilities, but also the opportunity for any marketing professional – even the most experienced – to be confused.Paying attention to the wrong metrics is as dangerous as not accompanying any indicator. To get rid of this danger, the selection work must be careful from the beginning of planning.

Social networks currently represent a giant market for businesses of all types. But they also proved to be among the most difficult strategies to measure results.Do not know what are the really important metrics to discover if your company is on the right track? Then, discover them now!


The role of metrics: transform data into strategic actions

The fact that many companies do not master the use of metrics demonstrates the lack of knowledge about the real role of these indicators within a digital marketing strategy.They hardly serve to give satisfaction to the decision-maker. On the contrary, they serve to transform data into strategic actions.In other words, we can say that metrics serve to discover where you are wrong and transform errors into successes.Know what is the process that must happen for the objective to be met:

  • Data collection – The first step is the data collection, which occurs through automated tools. It is here that you will decide which metrics you want to follow closely.

There are many options, then, how to choose well? Make your selection according to the objectives established in your strategy. After deciding the metrics you will observe, you will have to configure them in the tools you choose.

You can use Google Analytics, but there are also specific tools for social networks. It is also worth observing the data shown by each social network individually.

  • Formation of standards – After gathering the data for a reasonable period, it’s time to interpret what that information says about your performance.

From here, the understanding of your situation begins, and it is possible to determine if the efforts made so far are generating results or not.It is crucial to make a complete analysis at this stage so as not to let any problem happen and to avoid understanding the data in the wrong way, which would lead you to also wrong solutions.

  • Generation of ideas – With the understanding of what you need to improve and what is working well, it is time to think about ideas to address each situation.To do so, it is worth doing online research, because it is almost certain that one or more companies have already gone through the same problem and found ways to go through it.

Also, put together your marketing team and consider together how they could optimize what already works, in order to extract even more of the tools they have available.